About the Builder

Hi, my name is Chuck Baleno, and on these pages you will find examples of some of the
instruments that I have built. I was born into a second-generation family of builders of
residential homes and light commercial buildings. My daily childhood exposure to
craftsmen and craftsmanship fostered in me a natural desire to create and build things. As
a result, I developed carpentry and mechanical skills at a very young age. At 13, I took an
interest in the guitar, inspired by the likes of Chet Atkins, Glen Campbell, Roy Clark, and
many others on TV variety shows of the 1960’s. I started guitar lessons and loved learning
to play. My guitar studies were interrupted, however, while I pursued and obtained a B.S.
in Civil Engineering. In addition, I started a family of my own and a residential home
building business with my two brothers.

Eventually, I resumed playing the guitar with the same enthusiasm as in my youth. I
naturally worked on and adjusted my guitars as necessary and dreamed of purchasing a
high-end acoustic guitar. Then I came upon a book called
Guitarmaking, by Cumpiano
and Natelson, after which I began reading and studying lutherie in earnest. In due course,
I built my first high-end vintage-style acoustic guitar, and Baleno Instruments was born!

My instruments are inspired by some of the great designs of Martin and Gibson but
incorporate a variety of unique features and aesthetic choices that illustrate my
independent thinking about guitar design and building. Take a look at my various models,
and then feel free to contact me about creating your dream guitar. Check out the building
process below. Thanks for visiting!

                         About the Process  

All instruments are built in a climate controlled shop with a constant 45% Relative
Humidity with well acclimated tonewoods. Due to the nature of wood expanding and
contracting in varying humidity, it is necessary to store the instrument in a 45% to 50%
range to keep the warranty valid.  A responsive instrument is also responsive to changes
in humidity.
A Blending of Science, Art, Craftsmanship and Creativity